Land of Joy learning centre is a registered Pre School, which caters for children from 18 months to 6years . The aim of the nursery is to provide ful l time, high quality and affordable care and educat ion for a ll children. We identify and act upon children's individual needs. We also cater for children with special needs. Children are often the best teachers for other children and if those with disabilities are isolated they miss out on much of the situat ion and excitement of being together with other
children. Also, children in the community will learn to understand and apprec iate other children with disabilities.


Our vision is to foster professional care for all children even destitute and willing to   accommodate over 250 children into our  center.


To ensure that all children are benefiting from  early childhood training at an early age. That   all children receive proper care, proper   nutritional measures and fair education at an   early age and to also commodate children   with disability


From the onset we adopted the English  language as an official method of learning at  our school and have been providing top  training facilities and care for the young. This  has made our center to come top all over the  years and experience the signs of reasonable  growth. We also Ensure that all our programs are in  line with regulations of the G.D.E and in  compliance with DSD requirements.

We receive further recognition from the  local council, Department of Social  Development, health Department, for our  service Excellency and thus were provided  with bigger facilities (premises) to  accommodate more children.   By achivieng more goal, corporate support  we would do and contribute our share in  developing more children for a better and  successful future and also play  a  meaningful role to children, families who  are affected by unemployment, hunger,  disability and HIV-AIDS problem.

Multi-cultural education begins  right in the classroom. It begins  with each child's family. Every  family is different; they do things  in different ways. Each family  celebrates holidays in different  ways. Each child has different eyes, hair, skin  color, smile, and personality. But each child or  person has the same basic needs. We all need  love, kindness, and approval. We all feel happy,  sad, pain, hunger, cold, and hot. After we teach  the basic needs and differences in each child,  we extend our understanding and appreciation  for our ethnic children. Parents participate by  preparing special ethnic food or sharing special  ethnic items. We talk about how special our differences make  us.

Some of our teachers speak with an accent  and will sing and play games in Spanish with the  children. We teach the differences of our  children; we teach about other parts of the world,  with their folklore costumes and their modern   ways of living. Children in other parts of the world  play, laugh, and have the same basic needs as  us, as well as special differences. All boys and girls have the Opportunity to  participate in all the activities offered in our  center. We respect all parental differences. Some moms and dads work in the home and some  outside the home; some children live in homes  with both parents, some in single-parent homes.  Some live with stepparents, as well as  stepbrothers and sisters. Some are from foster  homes, and some may be adopted 

Good Self-Concept: Creativity, Verbal Expression, Confidence in Self, Joy of Laughter   Good Interaction Skills: Communicating, Sharing, Trusting, Learning Good Manners, Caring for Others Self-Preservation Skills: Dealing with Emergencies, Reacting to  Strangers,  Learning Information About Self,    

Self-Help Skills Dressing, Personal Hygiene, Cleaning up After Self,    Respect for:  People,  Property, Environment, Spiritual  Awareness , God's Love for Individuals , God  As Creator, Stories from the Bible Scholastic Skills: Fine-Motor, i.e. Cutting, Drawing, Writing ,  Math-Shapes, Counting, Recognition of the  Meaning of Numbers, Language-Colors,  Listening to and Relating to Stories