Rules and Regulations

1. A registration fee of R500.00 is payable and non-refundable . Each child must re­ register every year.Double fees payment for january and december 2016 when returning to  school.

Note that Fees change annually and Parents will be informed if any changes are effected.

Fees are not refundable in case of any  illness  and  occasional absence.


All fees are to be paid by 3rd of every month. If for any reason you are unable to pay by the 3rd of each month please make sure you notify the  office.Late  payment Rl00.00 penalty.


Bank Account details: Bank: Nedbank
Branch : Southgate (198765)

School fees Account  No: 1534058214(savings account) Registration Account  No: 1534066918(cheque  account)

or alternatively Email :
Fax: 0865993752